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Blackface Fender amps

In an effort to constantly improve and make products that musicians of the day would love to own, Fender went from the Woodies to Tweed to Blonde/Brown to Blackface in a little more than a decade. While the Fender guitar range was growing, Leo Fender incorporated the latest tubes and circuits in order to provide… Read More »

Pickup rewiring article from 1979

From the magazine “Device” published by Craig Anderton, written by Mitch Colby in 1979.

Blondes, brunettes or both!?

Somewhere in 1958 or 1959 Leo Fender decided that the tweed amps needed updating to something new and different. The results were the blonde and brown amps which debuted in 1959. Besides the obvious cosmetic differences, some of the new features incorporated included slant front panels, separate heads and cabinets, tone ring cabinets, new vibrato… Read More »

The Need For Tweed

The Need for Tweed Fender defined state-of-the-art guitar tone for many years starting in the late 1940s. From sparkly Tele-laden country to roots rock, to humbucker driven blues, Fender amps set the stage.  A comprehensive Fender collection would include “Woodies, Tweeds, Blonde, Brown and Blackface amps. Fender’s dominance started in the late 1940s, but the… Read More »

Collectible Brands UK

There were a lot of different companies in the UK making guitar amps. Most of them were lower powered amps for home and small club use; that is, until Marshall came along. Guitarists in the UK, including those in the UK bands who became famous, grew up playing EL84 based amps from Watkins and Selmer.… Read More »