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Collectible Guitar Amp Brands (USA)

The last two columns highlighted the things to look for and how to avoid pitfalls when buying vintage amps. Now to the fun stuff; an overview of collectible amp brands. We will go into further detail in future articles. We collect amps for the same reasons we collect guitars. We want to recreate the iconic… Read More »

Detecting Originality

When buying a vintage amp, you have to determine whether you are buying for tone or collectability (or both). For tone you may not care about total originality; for collecting originality matters. Most of the time, changed parts will be noted by the seller so the correct price can be ascertained. The more things have… Read More »

Vintage Amps 101

Amps are cool too…….. Welcome to my world. Guitar amps have been part of my life for over 40 years. For most of my career I helped guide the direction of two legendary brands, VOX and Marshall. For the last four years I’ve been modding, restoring and building quality amps right here in the USA.… Read More »

Vintage Amplifier Information is proud to announce a new section of the website devoted to classic vintage amplifiers. Mitch Colby has written many articles for guitar magazines and the blog will be an extension of these topics to bring you information on vintage amp design, maintenance, collecting, sound, history, and more.