Comments and Feedback from Players

“Just to let u know, I have now used the dtb for 8 straight gigs! Perfect for what I do. The band loves it as well. No more carrying around 4 amps to get my sound. Put black plate RCA’s for power tubes and the clean sound is absolutely pristine, chime and quiet! Put some telefunken ribbed ax7 for over drive. All a perfect combo. I haven’t gone this long without changing amps for years.” Jon in February of 2017.


“Last night, I played the Mod Machine with the stock tubes and it sounded absolutely amazing!  I figured the NOS tubes would take it more over the top.  I was really looking forward to putting in the NOS tubes and this morning I did.  The NOS tubes sweetened it up a tad, but I could be content with the stock tubes. I can dial in all the Marshall type tones that I dig.  It is amazing!  You have designed an absolutely killer amp.  Really really fun amp that has got the tones.Thanks for hooking me up.  You really did an amazing job. Arthur Trujillo, January, 2015


Amp Show comments. October 2014

-Colby room was packed when I ducked in to take a quick listen and the tone was dripping from the walls.

-For doing old school stuff, the Park amps were killer! Felt like I was transported back in time…

-You guys got me gassing for a Park amp now.

-Actually it was a Park 45 and the Park 75. Both fabulous amps!

-They do look pretty darn sexy!

-The Park Amps were so nice.

-Yes, many M type amps, cant go wrong with any of them-

The best for me was the Colby Mod Machine – Basically has every era and major circuit change thru the years available in one amp and it sounds incredible, plus Mitch’s Park amps are just awesome!

-My favorite stuff? The Schaffer replica, Park amps.

-Yeah, the Park Stuff was old school cool!


“I absolutely love the dtb100. It may be voiced for single coils but I plug my Les Paul in the second channel with #2 boost and I have that smooth rich overdrive sound with no pedals!” Jonathan Schneider, July 2014


“Mitch,  I’ve owned the dtb50 for a few weeks now and wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying it.   I’ve sold three OD pedals since I received the amp, as my search for an OD sound is finally over, thanks to the Colby.  Now I have OD that doesn’t sound like somebody stepped on a pedal, or a player is using a different guitar.  The Colby gain stage channel gives me more than enough options, and the best part is it sounds like me playing my guitar.  I’ve also tried using an electric nylon string guitar in the clean channel, adding a little delay and reverb in the effects loop, and the sound is great.  Congratulations to you and Jim on developing such a high quality amp.”  Rick Still, June, 2014


“Hi Mitch! Another happy guitar player here. I recently did a session for my band Meadowhawks at the Clubhouse in Rhinebeck and to say I was blown away by your amp would be an understatement. It was just what I was looking for tone-wise, attack-wise, drive-wise and just all around badass-wise. You can hear it in action at our bandcamp site: Many thanks for your incredible work”! Ryan MacLean of “Meadowhawks”, May, 2014


“Mitch! — Just wanted to give you a shout out. Finished up a session at The Clubhouse up in Rhinebeck with my band The Hate My Day Jobs and used one of your dual tone booster 50 amps for EVERY TRACK. Man, I don’t know what you did, but, seriously, I loved that thing. We went through a bunch of vintage amps Paul had and just kept coming back to the Colby for more”. Dan Xiachetti, January, 2014


“Hey Mitch, Just wanted to thank you again for your generosity and for your ongoing dedication to excellence and superior TONE. This amp is incredible, that’s all there is to it. It seems to fit me like a glove.  It sounds big, thick, full, smooth, articulate, dimensional, sparkly, and glassy ….. all at the same time! You are definitely on to something. 🙂 Excellent tone and feel with a very versatile and compelling combination of attributes. And now it’s even better. The new mid shift mod on the clean channel really adds a lot. Nice flavor. Very useful and satisfying. Same with the Master-Master. The interaction between the two masters is really cool. It definitely dials in additional smoothness, body, and mojo. Again, a wonderful flavor and a very useful and tweak-able addition”. Mitch Gordon, January, 2014


“The Mod Machine sounds like idealized versions of all the classic “M” tones I’ve always heard in my head. One of the most enjoyable amps I’ve ever played!” Howie Stern, 2013 LA Amp Show (Mod Machine Prototype on top of a Scumback 4×12 cab with M65 and H75 speakers)

Click to read the review of the Colby dtb50 in Guitar Aficionado Magazine.


In a boutique amp market crippled by orthodoxy, folklore, and a myopic philosophy that confuses parity with perfection, Mitch Colby is a big breath of sweet, fresh air. He melds a remarkable knowledge of the timeless tones that have long been imprinted on our DNA with an approach that’s as thoughtful as it is irreverent. The result is an amp that can readily conjure the benchmark voices of yesteryear, while offering access to a broad, new tonal landscape that begs to be explored. All this with a slew of modern appointments and conveniences on board. And with a degree of tweakability that’s comprehensive, multi-nuanced and surprisingly intuitive. Suffice to say, I’m smitten. Jeff Samson, July 2013


Thank You for building me the modded Showman. I was searching for the right words to describe the amp and also waiting for an opportunity to take the amp out. Last week I got to play it at stage volume with some other guitar players and among other boutique amps (Two-Rocks and Morgans). Today I got to play it in a band/studio setting with a drummer. The amp sounds awesome and I think it’s actually sounding better each time I play it. I love how I can get clean or clean with light breakup sounds at good volume levels and its bold (using your description) and not too polite or too bright like some clean amps can be. The modded Showman has such a great balance of warm and thick yet clear sound. It’s just wonderful sounding and a joy to play. Wayne Liao, April 2013


Click here for the review of the Colby dtb50 in the February 2013 issue of Vintage Guitar Magazine!


Comments on the “dtb” dual tone booster from the October 2012 Amp and Custom Guitar Show


“Ex-Marshall and ex-DV Mark amp mastermind Mitch Colby showed his new Colby amps—a 50-watt and a 100-watt. These are hand-wired and completely made in the USA, and the 50-watter was the best-sounding amp I tried at the show. It has a huge, blooming clean channel that goes smoothly into subtle, complex overdrive. The overdrive channel has a beautiful range of tones from big and clean to tough and crunchy to sweet and singing. Every tone was alive with harmonics and cleaned up like nobody’s business. Mitch had the great Jim Weider (who helped voice the amps) in his booth for added star power and mojo.

Matt Blackett, Guitar Player Magazine Editor in a blog on the 2012 L.A. Amp Show


Your amps are just incredible. I love the way they go from an amazing clean to an incredible overdrive and the level’s don’t change. Of course in a live situation you would want the OD channel to be a bit louder to cut thru for a solo (which is of course possible). But yours is the first amp I’ve ever heard that didn’t have a huge bump between channels! The Tone is stunning as well. I may have to sell some things to buy one of yours..”

Don Butler, Toneman (amp and guitar service), guitarist for Tim Piper and Working Class Hero


“OK, so I’m an old amp snob from Hell. I was at the LA Amp Show and THE buzz going around was that Mitch’s new amps absolutely killed! What else would you expect from this man? Way to go, Mitch!”

Rich Lasner, VP or Product Development at G-Rok R&D (VOX)


I just returned home form the LA Amp Show and had to rave about Mitch’s new amp. It was by far and away the most expressive and right-hand dynamic amp I played at the show. The 2-channel 50w head and 112 cab were just so musical and gig-ready useful. I love the idea of the channels sounding very similar, yet being able to add different levels of dirt and types of boost on the Drive channel. Many two channel amps I’ve owned in the past had two distinct channels with different EQ shapes and tone. They sounded great at home, but I have struggled at gigs to “stay in the mix” when switching channels. If they are TOO dissimilar, one of the channels gets lost in the mix.”

Brian Swerdfeger, Tone Lounge


“It is a VERY impressive piece of hardware. Power supply is perfect; not over or under capped. Bloom, harmonics and response are there in wonderful balance. String to string balance is spectacular. I lost count at six layers of counting harmonics when Carl Verheyen and Steve Trovato did a few things for me as a test. Bottom line, a real winner, not just for the ampshow but one of those iconic amps that will probably go down in history. Constructed so you will pass it down to your grand kids.

Amazing yesterday, more amazing today. More at Ultra impressive”

Myles Rose, Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting, Rig Consultant, Amp Wizard


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Mitch gets hand-on tweaking settings on Jim Weider’s live rig

“All my life I’ve been intrigued with the sound of electric guitar amps. Each one has its own personality. Within different brands, there are some that are good and then others that stand out and are amazing and inspiring to play; with tone, touch and feel. In the early ’90’s playing with the group The Band I met and became good friends with Mitch Colby. He would come up to Woodstock, NY, to show me classic vintage amps from his collection or tweak one of my amps or bring up something new he just made for me to hear, and we would compare tones! Mitch came up one afternoon and asked me to work on developing his unique, two EQ, channel-switching amp dubbed “The Colby,” and that was the start of a two year project that ended with an amazingly rich tone machine that I play everywhere! We compared the amp against all the best of the best classics every inch of the way on every cap and resistor change from the Cleans to its Gain qualities. The feel and touch sensitivity, the huge chimey cleans with body, and the focused gain within your note are everything I’ve always wanted in one amp to enjoy and make music!! I’m very proud of our outstanding results. I truly believe you will be too once plugged in!”