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The all new Park Amplifiers by Mitch Colby

Park amp review in ToneQuest magazine

The new issue of the ToneQuest Report has an interview of Mitch Colby and a review of the Limited Edition Top Mount Park 45 head. “Colby’s Park head sounds as if it were a virgin time capsule. Highly recommended for the ultimate “M” tone. $3,500 and worth it”

Check out the ToneQuest Park 45 review.

Colby amps introduces Park amplifiers

Colby is proud to announce the addition of Park amps to its product line. Park amps are newly built British style guitar amplifiers made the old fashioned way. The organic tone of these beautifully built amps is both inspiring and fun to play. Check out the new amps at the Park website.

ToneQuest Review Post

Check out the latest issue of “the ToneQuest Report“. Included are interviews with Mitch Colby, Jim Weider and a review of the dtb50. Click here to view the latest issue of the “the ToneQuest Report“.

Jim Weider’s Fall schedule

Click here for Jim Weider’s tour schedule playing all over the Northeast this fall.

Audio files

Click here to check out some audio clips of Jim Weider playing the dtb50.